Welcome to the American Viola Society!

Kathy Steely

The American Viola Society is an organization dedicated to inclusivity.  We are constantly striving to bring together violists from all walks of life.  Among our members we are privileged to have some of the world’s finest viola soloists and performers in all genres of music, as well as great composers.  We also count among our ranks amazing luthiers, amateur performers at all levels, students, and wonderful teachers from all over the world.  In the true spirit of the viola all are welcomed with open arms!

Now that you are here please take time to look around.  If you look right above this message you will see the pull down menus that take you to the various AVS pages.  There are some wonderful resources available to all violists.  You can post viola events, sell an instrument, place an ad, or even buy viola merchandise by visiting www.cafepress.com/amervlasociety.

As you know, an organization is only as strong as its membership.  It is through your generous support that we continue to meet our goals of serving the viola community through performance, education, research, mentoring, publishing, commissioning new works, providing new resources and advocating for excellence.  We want to hear from you about what you want and need as a violist.

American Viola Society member benefits include:

Have you already joined us?  If so, then you know what a great organization this is, and we thank you again for your support.  If you haven’t, then we hope you will take the plunge and become a member.  You will be joining the only organization in the country that is dedicated completely to the advancement of the viola and violists!

Warmest regards,

Michael A. Palumbo, President
American Viola Society