Viola Bank

The Viola Bank is a collection of instruments donated by musicians and music lovers for the purpose of loaning quality instruments and bows to students and professionals in need. The Viola Bank also allows the opportunity for musicians, music lovers, and other supporters of the American Viola Society to make tax-deductible contributions. The Viola Bank was an inspiration of long-time AVS member and New York luthier Sandra Robbins and Helen Callus, concert violist/professor and former president of the American Viola Society.

Application and letters of recommendation can be mailed to:

Madeleine Crouch
AVS National Office
14070 Proton Road, Suite 100, LB9
Dallas, TX 75244


Applicant procedures/forms


Viola Bank Recipient Responsibilities

Recipients of loans from the American Viola Society’s Viola Bank are expected to be AVS members in good standing at the time of the loan application or may submit a membership application in conjunction with the loan application. Recipients must acquire instrument insurance and provide proof of insurance to the AVS National Office prior to receiving the instrument.

During the term of the loan, recipients are responsible for maintaining the instrument in good repair. Should the instrument require repair services, the recipient my use an AVS approved local luthier or West Music, Coralville, Iowa.

Loans are typically for a one-year period from the date it is shipped from the Viola Bank. Loans may be renewed for a second year by requesting an extension of the loan in writing to the Viola Bank; postmarked no later than 90 days prior to the culmination of the loan. Recipients are expected to return the instrument to West Music within two weeks of the end of the loan period and proper instrument packing instructions are provided below.


How to Donate

There are many ways you can help. We can accept the following donations for the AVS Viola Bank:

If you would like to help, please contact Madeleine Crouch, General Manager of the American Viola Society by phone, email, or mail at:

Madeleine Crouch, General Manager
AVS National Office
14070 Proton Road, Suite 100, LB 9
Dallas, TX 75244
972.233.9107 ext. 204